About Dhyān

This is the in-house bistro of International Travellers’ Hostel in Varanasi, India. We call it Dhyān (earlier ITH Bistro). Especially designed for travellers, Dhyān offers a healthy and diverse menu (Indian and Western) catering from early morning till evening. We prepare everything fresh with ingredients from the local market. Our recipes are toned-down to meet the “non-Indian” taste buds, but of course we can spice things up for your real India adventure. 😉

We have beautiful indoor and outdoor seating areas for you to enjoy. Come, relax and socialize with other travellers in our peaceful spaces while enjoying the best of homemade breakfast, lunch or dinner. Drinks and desserts are also available. Our specialties include authentically percolated Italian coffee, our unique recipe of Masala Chai using the freshest ingredients, and a variety of healthy Vegetarian and Vegan meals.

Vegan Meals

Many items on our menu are naturally vegan. We have labelled those as such on here (please use the tags to filter). However, we can also do to-order vegan meals by adapting a few recipes. Just ask!


Gluten- & Lactose-Free

We understand the needs of people with food intolerances. Many of the items on our thoughtful food & drinks menu would suit you if you happen to have any of the two most widely known food intolerances – gluten and lactose.



Catching a train? We also pack your meal.

Close proximity to the Varanasi Junction train station is very helpful in grabbing a bite before embarking on your journey; and if you don’t have time to eat, you can always get your food packed!


Service Note

We prepare nearly everything fresh using the finest ingredients available on the market. Because we keep it fresh & healthy, it takes us a tad bit longer to serve. Expect roughly 20-50 minutes of waiting time. Pre-orders accepted.