Love Coffee?

For the love of Coffee

Coffee lover? Me too. I think we can all fittingly agree that there is nothing like a cup of freshly brewed coffee to kick-start your day. The enticement already begins with the room-filling aroma of the brewing process. And at this point there is no stopping it, is it?

At home, in your routine, it’s easy to fulfill your addiction. While travelling though? I guess it’s good to get a few days off of the caffeine. But it’s orgasmic to have your system stimulated with a healthy supply of the stuff every once in a while. Depending on where in the world you are, finding good coffee can be as routinely as home, or as much of a nuisance as finding an eggless cake.

It’s somewhat hard to find good coffee in India. The definition of coffee for most Indians is Café Latte, that too mild, and that too made with ready-made coffee mix. Not cool. The Italians would not be pleased. Can you believe that at weddings in Varanasi they would set-up frothing machines to serve coffee and labelled it Espresso? Can’t imagine it being much different across India. That’s how I was raised thinking of Espresso. Until, of course, I ordered my first real Espresso at a coffee shop.

Authentic Coffee

At ITH Bistro, we authentically percolate your coffeesometimes Italian Lavazza, and at other times India’s own home-grown classic variantto offer you the best of coffee drinking experience. Although for now we only offer Espresso, Black Coffee and Café Latte.

Our beautiful green garden or the terrace overlooking it would be a fantastic spot to enjoy your beverage during Varanasi’s cooler months. For not-so-pleasant weather conditions, we offer various cozy fan-cooled and air-conditioned indoor seating spaces.

ITH Bistro Espresso
Enjoy Authentic Coffee at ITH Bistro

So next time you’re in Varanasi, and you crave for good coffee, you know where to count on. Not to mention our authentic home-made recipes of various other food & drinks. Check out our menu for a full list of items on offer.

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