History of Dhyān

History of Dhyān

Dhyān was initially launched in October of 2013 (under the label ITH Bistro) as an in-house eatery at our own International Travellers’ Hostel (ITH) (launched in the same year in January) in the ancient and mystical city of Varanasi, India. The hostel boasts an excellent rating of 4.5/5 on the world’s biggest travel website – TripAdvisor. In 2016, we are set to launch our second unit in the lively and young city of Mainz in south-west Germany.

A Little About Us

We are Cristiane König & Ashish Verma. Cristiane is a Political Scientist graduated from the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität and a food enthusiast. Ashish is a reputed India Advertising Professional who left behind his corporate career in 2010 to experience a more soulful life. In the same year as starting of the hostel & bistro, Cristiane checked into the hostel—which is owned by Ashish’s parents—during her internship in Varanasi. We fell in love and got married in the following year.

Soon we moved to Germany and the idea of Dhyān thus emerged.

Birth of Dhyān

We have both always liked cooking and serving other people – Ashish gained his first experience at a part time restaurant job during his studies in England, Cristiane worked more than 6 years in cafés while being a student. And with ITH Bistro running in India, the opening of a similar place in Germany was just logical. Whereas it is great that there are more and more vegetarian and vegan places popping up, there is still a lot of scope in the market – something we encounter first hand every time we go out to eat. That’s how our dream manifested, to open a unique eating place that offers tasty vegan food, combining the best of the Indian as well as the European cuisine.

Although I could never comprehend the idea of eating animals, but the practice has widely prevailed since, apparently, forever. I would like to show to the people of the world that there is no need to eat animals.

We want to show the world that vegan food is much greater and diverse than just tofu and raw salad, Indian food is much more than curries and that there is no such thing as ‘Chai Latte’! What we are offering here at Dhyān is not yet another hasty meat- and milk-less addition on the list, but a rather thoughtfully curated diverse menu that would satisfy a diverse range of taste buds.

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