Vegetarianism and Veganism

Vegetarianism and Veganism

Countless animals are slaughtered everyday for human consumption. If not for human consumption, then because they are a ‘liability’ on the economy of the world’s industries. This is why we are working toward finding vegan alternatives of our vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarianism and Veganism

Vegetarianism is a practice that is known to have originated in India. Today, more and more compassionate people around the world are choosing to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. Vegetarianism, whereas does not directly result in killing of animals, however, today’s thriving meat and dairy industry has been designed so to optimize productivity, which in turn leads to slaughter of cows after they have been exploited throughout their short and miserable lives in industrialized milk production, and their male calves almost immediately after they are born. Same is the story of chickens, turkeys, horses, and pretty much all other animals that the hypocrite world hasn’t decided to be exotic or endangered animal species, in which case they get special governmental protection and the society’s empathy.

India – the birthplace of Vegetarianism – has always been big on dairy consumption. An overwhelmingly high number of food items in India include dairy in one way or another. About 40% of the Indian population is vegetarian either by choice or religious obligation. However, there are almost non-existent vegans in India. The movement is new, and it predominates in the west, so we are certain in the coming years more people will become aware of the food habit, and consequently adapt it into their regular diet.

India being a predominantly Hindu country with cows regarded and worshiped as holy animals, must shock quite a lot of the populace when they discover that India today is the world’s largest exporter of beef (cow meat). Sadly though, a significant number of vegetarian Hindus are so because of their religious obligation, and hence when in the modern India of economic boom and introduction to western lifestyle choices they encounter social conditions seemingly pressurizing them to adapt a meaty diet, they fall for it. Not to mention consumption of meat being a status symbol, and perhaps, for some, cool. Similarly there are Hindus, mostly in the metropolises, who would either ‘upgrade’ to beef consumption out of their curious metropolitan lifestyle expansion, or to be cool among friends, perhaps.

We believe that true modernization of the human race would be evident by humans ‘upgrading’ to a mental order whereby empathy for all living beings is the base of all social justices. This is why we are now actively working toward creating pro-vegetarian and pro-vegan awareness.

Soon we hope to become an identity of 100% vegan outlet for delicious food & drinks.

Meat & Dairy Industry: World’s Biggest Polluter

Did you know that the meat & dairy industry is the biggest contributor to the world’s global warming problems? A little research on Google should give you significantly informative results. After Bill Gates stated sometime last year that veganism is the future, a recent report by the UN declared that the world’s population must go vegan to stop the effects of global warming.

An Invitation to Vegan Experts

Vegan experts from around the world are invited to help us transform our 48% vegan menu into 100% vegan, while remaining as close to the authentic Indian ‘tastes’ as possible.

Please get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.

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